Leukaemia treatment and clinical trials

Professor Charlie Craddock talks about Cure Leukaemia's involvement in clinical trials and what is needed to progress further



We pioneer Clinical trials

By supporting the world-class Centre for Haematology at the QE Hospital, and the work of Professor Charlie Craddock and his team, Cure Leukaemia pioneer clinical trials that give patients access to potentially life-saving drugs.
By funding these trials, we administer these drugs to adults and children who have reached the end of traditional treatment provided by the NHS.

The major issue is that pharmaceutical companies are creating new potentially life-saving drugs at a faster rate than they can currently be tested. Without appropriate clinical trials, and specialist nurses to deliver them, these trials cannot run. Some of these drugs will never be tested and will simply gather dust behind locked doors. Patients will keep dying of blood cancers whilst the magic bullet to treat their disease is sitting on a scientist’s bench.


At Cure Leukaemia we believe there is a moral duty to test new drugs quickly and, if effective, make them available to patients across the region, the UK and the world.


We have spent the last decade developing a tried and tested formula for delivering clinical trials that works.



A specialist nurse costs £40,000 per year to fund and by funding more nurses we can potentially save more lives.


Over a decade on, we’re now ready to take the fight to the next level. We can and we want to do more. Join us, support us, and help Birmingham to find the cure.



What we do

Watch Jaymz's emotional story.

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'We must stop luck being the deciding factor.'

20 year old leukaemia patient Jaymz Goodman.
'We must stop luck being the deciding factor.'

20 year old leukaemia patient Jaymz Goodman.