We're Going The Whole Hog This Month!

18th September 2017

Birmingham-based blood cancer charity Cure Leukaemia has launched a quirky and innovative fundraising idea during Blood Cancer Awareness Month which involves an army of piggy-banks that aim to collect the Second City’s old pound coins before they go out of circulation on 15th October.

The swines will be taking the city by storm throughout September to remind people not to ‘hog’ their old £1 coins, with all proceeds contributing towards Cure Leukaemia’s £1m Centre Appeal, to fund the expansion of the Centre for Clinical Haematology at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Cure Leukaemia is calling on businesses across the region, schools, and individuals alike support the ‘Piggy Pound’ donation drive, by giving a Cure Leukaemia ‘hog’ a good home for the month, encouraging everyone who passes the pig to give it a pound. The money will be totalled up and collected before the 15 October cut-off date, when the old round pounds stop being legal tender.


So far in Birmingham, KPMG, Intercity Technology, SimkissGuy, Malmaison, GBSLEP, Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, Purnell’s Bistro & Ginger’s Bar (see photo left), The Binding Site, the Cure Leukaemia nurses at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and EAST VILLAGE. have already pledged their support and claimed their pigs.

What’s more, the 8th Solihull (St. Augustine’s) Brownie group has taken 14 boars on board to raise as much money as possible over the next month.



Speaking about the donation drive, James McLaughlin, Chief Executive of Cure Leukaemia, commented:

“This summer has seen bears across Birmingham appearing to help raise funds, and for the next few weeks we are hoping that our pigs will also spread across the region! We would like as many people as possible to take up our Piggy Pound challenge and get rid of their old change, whilst raising money for our £1m Centre Appeal. This feeds into our larger ‘Just One More’ campaign in September, which believes that great things can be achieved if many can give a little. For example, if everyone in the city donated just one more pound, over £1m would be raised by this campaign alone.”

Cure Leukaemia is also hoping that fans of Wolverhampton Wanderers will join the campaign in support of the Club’s Number 1, Carl Ikeme. The Nigerian International was diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia in July and the whole Wolves family has united to raise funds in support of him with over £75,000 raised for Cure Leukaemia to date. With an updated total expected to be announced in the coming weeks, the charity is hoping the already generous fans will donate ‘Just One More’ £1 to support their number 1.

The piggy-banks being used are extra special for another reason too: they are all paint-your-own pigs, so that those hosting them can make their mark and customize them. Whether its paint, glitter, sequins, or feathers, Cure Leukaemia would like those receiving them to be creative and prove that you can put lipstick on a pig to make all the difference! With competitions for the best-dressed hog taking place on social media, the charity hopes that everyone taking part rallies behind the campaign and makes it as successful as possible.

To secure your Piggy or to discuss any other fundraising ideas for Blood Cancer Awareness Month, email the Cure Leukaemia team at info@cureleukaemia.co.uk

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"By backing Cure Leukaemia you will be making a direct impact; helping hundreds of thousands of people live a better life and avoid unnecessary suffering and death."

George Freeman MP
"By backing Cure Leukaemia you will be making a direct impact; helping hundreds of thousands of people live a better life and avoid unnecessary suffering and death."

George Freeman MP