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14th August 2013

Katherine Sinfield is a 33 year old reception class teacher from Burton, who is battling against leukaemia, after being diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia in April this year.

She is currently being treated by Professor Craddock and his team at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Katherine is married to Burton Mail and Ashbourne News Telegraph journalist Stephen Sinfield, and is describing her daily life on the hospital ward in her Take Five Minutes campaign in the local newspapers in a bid to raise greater awareness of leukaemia, the need for bone marrow donors and the difficulties of battling blood cancer.

While undergoing gruelling chemotherapy herself, Katherine is still keen to help others in a similar position and in generating support for Cure Leukaemia and the Anthony Nolan Trust.

The Burton Mail and Ashbourne News Telegraph is showing its support for Katherine by encouraging its readers to get involved with fundraising for Cure Leukaemia and of course by sharing her daily stories with its readers.

Burton Mail journalist and friend, Rob Smyth has signed up as part of Team Cure Leukaemia for the Bupa Great Birmingham Run to show his support.

Rob said:"The reason I am running is to raise awareness of leukaemia and to help raise vital funds for the charity. I am also running to help Katherine Sinfield. Katherine is the wife of my colleague and friend Stephen and she is currently battling chronic myeloid leukaemia.

Through the Burton Mail newspaper we have been running a 'Take Five Minutes' campaign to encourage more people to sign up to become blood and bone marrow donors and Katherine has been writing a daily diary on her condition, which has inspired me to help others like her.”

Katherine is also encouraging people to sign up for the Bupa Great Birmingham Run in her Take 5 Minutes column.

She said: “I doubt I will be taking to the starting line myself but I hope that readers keen to help may slip on their trainers and join the race. Cure Leukaemia has set itself a target of £100,000, so the more runners we can get signed up the better. I already know a few Burton runners have shown an interest but the more we can attract the more money Cure Leukaemia can raise.”

If you would like to join Team Cure Leukaemia - and there's only 4 weeks left to sign up, please email info@cureleukaemia.co.uk.

Follow us on Twitter @Cureleukaemia to find out more about the run and the exciting plans we have in the coming weeks!

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'We must stop luck being the deciding factor.'

20 year old leukaemia patient Jaymz Goodman.
'We must stop luck being the deciding factor.'

20 year old leukaemia patient Jaymz Goodman.