Brooke Evans: "My life was turned upside down by this disease"

30th June 2014


"Hello, my name is Brooke, I’m 18 years old, I live in Redditch with my family and have acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.


I wanted to share my story to help people understand more about the disease and raise funds to treat other patients like me.


It started back in August 2013. I was like any other teenager, loving life, studying hard and looking forward to my 18th birthday.


That was all to take a very sudden backseat..."

She awoke late at night in agony as a spicy meal came back to haunt her.

A simple takeaway spelled trouble for Brooke Evans as she was repeatedly rushed to A&E with terrible stomach cramps. Doctors were mystified by the cause of her suffering as the pain had often vanished with the help of medication before she could be seen by medics.

Her family were devastated when her condition was eventually diagnosed as leukaemia.

But the 18-year-old, from Redditch, is battling back to health after taking part in a new drug trial with funding provided by Cure Leukaemia. She recently met up with Cure Leukaemia Trustee Phil Upton to tell us her story...

Read Brooke's full story HERE


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“Regular donations allow us to plan ahead and with planning, we can and will achieve so much more. Your donations directly improve and save the lives of leukaemia patients across the region.


These trials save lives.”


- Dr Paul Ferguson, Clinical Lecturer in Haematology

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'We must stop luck being the deciding factor.'

20 year old leukaemia patient Jaymz Goodman.
'We must stop luck being the deciding factor.'

20 year old leukaemia patient Jaymz Goodman.